Web Site Design

Should You Create Your Own Web Site?

Only you can decide whether to outsource the design of your website or to do it yourself. Creating a wonderful web site takes creativity, web knowledge and experience, and a well-thought out plan. You’re an expert at what you do. If you’re also computer-savvy, you may be able to design your own web site without detracting from your other responsibilities. If not, your time and talents are probably better spent on your regular business or profession.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your web site should be eye-catching, easy to navigate, and professional. Lots of companies sell the same inexpensive templates and many web hosts offer free sitebuilding tools, but chances are that the money you save will be lost many times over when you end up with a site that is ineffective and hard to maintain. Do you really want to take the time to learn and struggle with unfamiliar skills and software for results that may be less than optimum?

Producing attractive high quality site graphics and photos, optimized to the smallest possible file size for quick loading, requires graphic software expertise. Even smaller sites often use a contact form, a shopping cart, and other features which require some programming knowledge. Visitors want to get where they need to go quickly and efficiently, or they'll leave your site in an instant. Good navigation design is critical and comes from experience, not from software.